The emerging ‘Open House’ technique

Ararat CoP

I have been grappling with the idea of creating ‘rich pictures’ that enable people learn about complex topics, and have at last realised the obvious – that complex topics are not learned in a linear way. Another reason for not doing a power point. Creating a workshop version of the Open House CE tool enables a rich picture learning environment. I have now tested this in a couple of situations, including the Ararat CE Community of Practice and am really looking forward to having the chance to do more.

Geelong,Mildura,Melbourne,Brisbane and more…….

Lots of courses

I feel I have now refined the one day course to a high level. I really enjoy delivering it; each group is different but the structure is solid. I view it as a piece of interactive performance – a dance between myself and the participants and between the participants. My role is to create the framework for the participants relate to each other.