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Frameworks for Creativity

An electronic triptych which explores the emergence of the creative frameworks that are created as part of consumer culture that enable control, choice and opportunities for creativity. Explore the videos…

Outside the Gates

Development processes for the real world – Here I look at the historical generators of development, and the skills that development professionals need today through four videos.

The Virtual Centre

Working in a team whose members are spread across the State gets one to wanting to explore ways to meet other than face to face. Teleconferences with Sametime or VNC make a huge difference, but it is still a long way from emulating a well run decision making process. After a bit of investigating, I decided that there was nothing out there that really gives me what I wanted. So here is the brief for the web based application I would like someone to make.  See the seven minute movie below.

Neighbourhood Job Access Centre

This 7min movie was made back in 1998. It shows Lex the builder advising a group of local residents about some of the short term work opportunities available. These include digging holes, painting fences, constructing car ports. Once the group has decided on who is to do which work, the successful person signs on to the Skills Centre as a casual worker (to be covered for insurance), and also signs a performance contract (half a page) agreeing to do the work in a specified time.  This arrangement allows the team members have control over their work situation, and makes the relationship between them and Lex one of Coach – Mentee, as opposed to Master – Servant.

Community Engagement Planning

This movie illustrates a structured process for a project or program manager to develop a proactive approach to appropriately identify and engage stakeholders in their project or program.